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Building Capacities

Radio Production

Radio Active is committed to enhancing the capacities of local institutions and communities in the use of community radio. Radio Active conducts regular training and interactive workshops with NGOs, children and students of various colleges to encourage the use and to understand the powerful medium of community radio.

The program can be tailor made depending on the needs of the community, institution, community radio station, school or college.

For more information, please write to us at [email protected] .

Radio Production in Radio Active

Scrap Dealer Certification Program

A Scrap Dealer Certification Program is provided by Radio Active in collaboration with Hasirudala is conducted for Scrap Dealers in and around Bangalore. The curriculum covers legal and financial aspects of running a scrap business, basic maintenance of accounts, HR and customer service, soft skills and behavioural training, standardization of existing scrap business, standards to be followed, occupational hazards and safety, communication and role as future service provider/ micro-entrepreneur.

The core team that developed the manual includes Mr. Anslem Rosario ( from Waste Wise Trust), Ms. Nalini Shekar ( from Hasiru Dala) and Ms. Pinky Chandran ( from Radio Active). The team received assistance from Ms. Bharati Chaturvedi (from Chintan) , Marwan Abubaker ( from SWMRT, Radio Active) and Lakshmi (from SWACH, Pune)

Over 100 scrap dealers and waste-pickers have been trained in about five batches, spread over a 5 week course

Scrap Dealer Certification Programme

waste pickers certification Programme

Life Skills Program

Radio Active’s Life Skills Training Program is an interactive program supporting adolescents (6-18 years) to enhance their self-esteem and self-confidence. The program, divided into four levels – elementary, secondary, high school and pre-university students – shall focus on social skills like communication, anger management, body language, conflict resolution; etiquette and mannerisms (including table manners); workshops on personal hygiene, leadership, goal setting and decision making skills. The training program will be customized according to the grade of the students and the duration of the training program will be flexible.

Life Skills Program

Street Dog Welfare Training Module for Schools and Colleges

Radio Active developed a workshop module on the lines of Compassionate Kids, titled “Street Dog Welfare Training Module” (with inputs from Ms. Nevina Kamath,Ms. Shyamalatha Rao, Ms. Poornima Harish and Dr. Piran, former Joint Director, BBMP – Animal Husbandary ) on animal senstization for BBMP to create more awareness among children towards street animal welfare.

The workshops can be tailor made, should schools and colleges be interested in the same.

For more information please contact [email protected]

waste pickers certification Programme

Story Telling Workshop

Each one of us is a collector of stories. Stories are an integral part of our lives; we live in stories and we understand each other through stories. Hence being able to tell stories effectively, make meaning out of it and use it to influence others, we believe, is an essential human pursuit.

Radio Active 90.4 FM, along with its partners, has been running its yearly storytelling competition, where children from different schools  and communities participate and share stories. Before the story telling competition, workshops are conducted for children as well as facilitators on effective storytelling.

Story Telling Workshop

Waste Management Awareness Workshop and Waste Audit

Waste Management Awareness Workshop and Waste Audit

Other Module based training include Gender and Sexuality Sensitization, HIV Awareness Workshop, RTE Awareness


RTE-Awareness training