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Vision & Mission

Radio Active seeks to widen the community’s involvement along with students, jointly engaging in broadcasting to encourage communities to create their own sustainable media landscape. Furthermore, to act as a catalyst in meaningful social transformation and development. Added to this we seek to engage with communities beyond broadcasting through outreach projects aimed at ensuring community ownership to foster sustainability and social change.

Radio Active is an urban community radio station that celebrates the heterogeneous identities that represent Bangalore and is a platform for different voices to be voiced through participation, partnerships, and community-based projects.

Radio Active is committed to:

•   Ensuring access to and encouraging participation in the medium of community radio.
•   Widening community's involvement in broadcasting.
•   Promoting and popularizing Indian heritage, art and culture.
•   Sharing skills, knowledge, and insights.
•   Networking with organizations and groups towards a common purpose.
•   Engaging in community-driven self-sustaining projects.